Why do we Ask a Fee for Pickup?

This is a question most people ask about- Why Do Helping With Furniture Ask a Fee for Pickup? We ask fees practically so we could continue giving out furniture items that are donated to targeted families and individuals. Companies for removal of junk charge more than $250 just to dump unwanted items. We, on the other hand, offer the same service but to help those who are in need in the community.

Our Fee for pick up allows us to:

  • Give out the furniture for free to marginalized families in the community
  • Pay rental and utility fees for our 30,000 square feet warehouse where:
    • We prepare donated furniture and supply them to 25 families per day.
    • We have a showroom that allows clients to choose the furniture that fits their needs and the space of their home.
    • We repair furniture that needs to be repaired so it will not be put to waste.
    • We also have our office that runs the whole operation of the organization.
    • We operate, insure, and maintain 10 trucks yearly that costs us a lot of gas.
    • We employ more than 15 drivers.
    • We pay 45 employees that are funded partly by donations.

With all those practical reasons in mind, we still render this service as optional. If you want to help and donate your idle furniture, you can drop them off at our warehouse, and our staff will gladly accept and give you a tax receipt for your donation.