Poverty in furniture is a sad reality in the lives of more than 50,000 people in Toronto. The mission of our organization- Helping With Furniture is to help families and people who suffer from poverty in furniture. We aim to stop furniture poverty and help every family who is suffering from this issue.

Just recently founded, Helping With Furniture is a charitable organization that supplies second-hand furniture items and home appliances to people and families who are going through furniture poverty. The people we desire to help our mothers and children who are leaving their shelters, people who were once homeless, and some refugees in Canada.

We envision the world to have homes that are simply furnished with the help of our willing donors who are people that also have a heart for the community.

Our clients believe that furniture does have an impact on their “quality of life”.
• It decreases their chances of getting to experience homelessness or leaving their shelters again.
• Having furniture decreases stress and can improve health both physically and mentally.
• It helps in the stability of their finances as funds are going to be freed- up and spent on other daily essentials.
• It encourages people to participate in community activities.
• It improves family life.