Selecting classroom rugs can be confusing because you’ll constantly ponder the ideal pattern, color, and size. In addition, the numerous classroom rug options in the market further complicate the decision-making process. This article will discuss tips that will help you know what to consider before choosing a rug area.

Rug Color

Schools often go for bright-colored rugs because kids are biased toward stimulating and vibrant colors. However, this choice may not be the most ideal in some cases. For instance, you can get rugs of gloomier colors from Admittedly, their earth-colored rugs trigger less excitement in the kids, but still, they are educational and fun.

There are also other suppliers of earth-toned rugs that you can check out. There are many suppliers to choose from. Browsing through their offers will help you arrive at the most favorable one. Rugs are floor coverings, so they get stepped or walked on constantly. This means they will hardly be clean most of the time. So getting a bright-colored rug isn’t a good idea because it will clearly show the dirt, which won’t be a pretty sight.

Opting for darker-colored rugs is better because dark colors hide dirt more effectively, making them appear clean. So unless your rugs will be the object of lesser foot traffic, the best option will be a dark color for your classroom rug. Two factors should determine your choice or color: foot traffic and the area in which it will be used or installed.

Rug Pattern

Just as there are color varieties of classroom rugs, there are also varieties of rug patterns. Your purpose for getting the rug should determine the choice of rug patterns. For example, the rug can be used for an activity center, a seating arrangement, and a reading area.

There are specific rug patterns designed to complement each purpose. So you need to be sure to select the rug pattern designed for the purpose you have in mind. This way, you can enhance productivity in the classroom.

If you’re keen on class organization or arrangement, there are numerous seating rug options on the market. There are alphabet-patterned rugs, number-patterned rugs, game-patterned rugs, music-themed rugs, road rugs, and even a religious-themed rug. It’s a long list of options. You can even pick a pattern depending on the kind of class you’ll be teaching.

If you’re not keen on patterns, some rugs are without patterns. Your preference (however unique it is) is available on the market.

Rug Shape and Size

This is another important factor to consider. For example, if you buy a rug and discover that it doesn’t align with the size of your classroom before you go to the market or online store to get a rug, measure or outline the room using masking tape to have a specific rug dimension in mind.

Using masking tape also serves as a visual guide in measuring your floor. It will help you decide on the shape of the rug as well. There are different rug shapes: square, oval, circular, and rectangular. There are semi-circular rugs and corner rugs if you’re getting a rug for a tight/small space.