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 HWF re-circulates viable furniture otherwise destined for landfills (1000cf per annum)

Roses and Candles

A new and much appreciated award for helping with Furniture (HWF)!

The Immigrant Women's Services has selected HWF to receive a Volunteer Award at the Roses and Candles Gala on November 22, 2012. We are very grateful to be receiving this award, particularly since the IWSO is one of the agencies who often refer families in need of furniture to us. Receiving an award from them means a great deal to all of us at HWF.

For information about the Roses and Candes Gala or to learn more about IWSO, visit

2012 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

Three volunteers with HWF received Ontario Volunteer Service Awards on Friday June 8 for their work with our organization. Greg Griffith and Maude Page received pins and certificates for 5 years each of volunteer work. Corinne Leduc received a youth award (usually given for 2 years of volunteering). The presenter in giving the first medal remarked that she had heard of Helping With Furniture and that they do great work. Good recognition for us; congratulations to Greg, Maude and Corinne.

2012 Belonging to Community Award

We are proud to be a partner of United Way Ottawa. In May, we were the recipient of United Way Ottawa’s Belonging to Community award, which is awarded annually to a community member or organization that is working to improve conditions for vulnerable people, including seniors, immigrants and people with disabilities, to contribute fully to their communities. Recipients of this award help provide support for individuals who need help most in our community.

HWF is greatly honoured by this distinction. As a volunteer-run organization, we are humbled to join the community of past recipients.

We were recognized with this award for our work providing gently used furniture and household goods for free to refugee claimant families struggling to start new lives in the Ottawa area. In March of 2013, our organization’s name will be permanently etched onto the Wall of Inspiration located at City Hall alongside the names of previous years’ Community Builder Award recipients.

We thank all of our volunteers whose hard work made this honor possible

We would also like to thank Tim Tierney for believing in us enough to nominate us.

Newcomer Champion Award


On June 27th, 2011, the Province of Ontario honoured Helping with Furniture (HWF) with The Newcomer Champion Award

This Award recognises HWF as a community group that shows excellence by creating welcoming communities for Ontario's Newcomers.

2012 Leading Women Building Communities Award

Leading Women Building Communities Award was awarded to five of HWF’s regular volunteers by Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa – Centre, on Saturday, March 24, 2012. The recipients were:

  • Rena Templonuevo
  • Marianne Rapley
  • Donna Hodgins
  • Jo-Ann Robertson
  • Kim Mattar

All these women have contributed hundreds of hours to HWF and have been volunteers for at least two years. In those two years alone, 200 families of refugee claimants have been welcomed to Ottawa and their empty homes have been furnished for free by HWF.

The Leading Women/Leading Girls Building Communities Award honours women and girls who have made a real difference in their communities, those who have gone above and beyond to make the world a better place for everyone. It is awarded by the Province of Ontario.

Philanthropy Project

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark, Heather, and Genny of Canterbury High School our new young HWF volunteers and winners of the Philanthropy Project (a project of the Toskan Cassale Foundation).

They competed with 3 other groups in the finals. Each group had to prepare a presentation about its own chosen charity, one that operates in this community. They did an amazing job. Their presentation was high energy, fast paced, full of joy, happiness and passion.


The prize they won for their charity is $5000
and their charity was Helping with Furniture.
We are so PROUD of them.

2011 Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Award

Building Communities Recognition Award: Cassidy Lalonde was awarded this well deserved recognition by the Province of Ontario for exceptional leadership in working to improve the lives of others. This award was given to this young HWF volunteer for the significant leadership qualities she has demonstrated.

We are pleased to note that this is the second year that young HWF young volunteers were granted this award. Three girls were similarly recognized in 2010 and it demonstrates the significant contributions that Leading Girls can make when welcomed and encouraged.

2011 Leading Women Communities Recognition Award

Communities Recognition Award: This year three HWF volunteers were given this award by the Province of Ontario in recognition of their contribution and leadership in the work of Helping with Furniture.

HWF serves refugee claimant families and it is significant to note that a number of our volunteers are from families whom we have served and who then have joined us as volunteers in order to serve others in their turn. Elizabeth Hihisa Luka is the first of our former refugees who has received this award. The three Leading Women recipients of the 2011 award are:

  • Alison Pier
  • Kumiko MacKasey
  • Elizabeth Hihisa Luka

Vagina Monologue Award

The prestigious Vagina Monologue organization annually presents awards to someone who has "made an impact on her community by working with and /or for women within the Ottawa region. They are community makers. They bring everyone in." One of the three recipients of the 2011 award in Ottawa was Nathalie Maione for her work in helping refugee claimant families, many of whom are led by single mothers.

Canada's Citizenship Award

This prestigious award pays tribute to Canadians who have made an important contribution to our country by promoting the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. It also honours Canadians who have played an outstanding role in helping newcomers to integrate into Canadian society. Federal Government of Canada.

December 2010: One of 12 persons awarded in Canada for the year 2010:
Elizabeth Rapley. An active Member of HWF since its beginning. Her work with HWF was one of the contributions recognised in the award.

Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program

The Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program acknowledges and celebrates young women who demonstrate exceptional leadership in working to improve the lives of others in their schools and communities. Province of Ontario.

April 2010. Awarded to HWF volunteers:
Jessica Galant
Isabelle Gareau
Corinne Leduc

Leading Women, Building Communities Recognition Program

The Leading Women, Building Communities Recognition Program acknowledges and celebrates women who demonstrate exceptional leadership in working to improve the lives of others in their communities. Province of Ontario.

April 2010. Awarded to:
Nathalie Maione, President and co-Founder, Helping with Furniture (HWF)

Personalité de la Semaine

Personalité de la Semaine Awarded by Radio-Canada and le Droit.
22 February 2010: Awarded to:
Nathalie Maione, President and co-Founder of HWF.

Community Building of the Year Award

Celebrates the achievements of organizations, partnerships, agencies, or neighbourhood groups that strive tirelessly, passionately and collectively to help make our community a better place in which to live. These are the characteristics that make a true community builder. United Way, Ottawa.

December 2009. Awarded as individuals to:
Buffey Cassidy, Former President and co-Founder, Helping with Furniture (HWF).
Nathalie Maione. President and co-Founder, Helping with Furniture (HWF).

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